Washington, DC

The Washington D.C. area requires a great deal of heating because of its long periods of colder weather, and brief periods of warm weather necessitate air conditioning. Because of its climate and energy costs, energy bills in Washington D.C. tend to be fairly high, and so any chance of reducing energy costs is a welcome one. If the windows in your Washington D.C area home or business haven’t been replaced for years or decades, then chances are, they’re leaking hot and cool air in and out of your home, and are raising your energy bill. If you’re looking to replace your windows because of broken panes as a result of a harsh snowstorm, a stray baseball, or simply very high winds, then its also the perfect time to choose some high efficient windows that
will last you for many years to come. New windows can raise the value of your property, save hundreds of dollars a year on energy bills, and improve the look of your house or business.

Typically in the Washington D.C. area, the most energy efficient windows have several features in common. Triple glazed window panes, high solar gain low-E coating, and Argon or Krypton gas in between glass panes. For the most efficient windows, you want to use Thermally Improved vinyl or fiberglass for the optimal energy savings. Some people prefer the look and cost of aluminum windows, and while they are not as efficient as non-metal windows, they are typically only 10-20% less efficient then non-metal windows. Contact your local US Window Replacement pre-qualified window installer today, and discuss the best window choice that fits within your budget and matches your needs.