Philadelphia Windows Replacement

When you grow up in the streets of Philadelphia and you find yourself in a neighborhood full of kids who love to play baseball in the streets, you might find quite a few baseballs crashing through your front windows. You might consider some alternative options to prevent this from happening every week. You talk to the parents but don’t really want to deprive these kids of some healthy, outdoor recreation. With so many kids spending most of their time playing video games, you enjoy seeing them outside getting some exercise and experiencing the social interactions that help us all develop personalities. When you play video games all day, you can’t expect to develop much of anything. Most kids worry you for this reason. You often wonder what kind of generation we’re raising when all these kids spend their free time blowing each other up on the video games they’re constantly playing.

So you don’t really want to get after the parents every time one of the kids breaks your window with a baseball. You’d rather come up with a different option. So you decide to install fiberglass instead of regular glass. Fiberglass absorbs the blow and bounces that ball right back onto the lawn. When kids smack into it with their line drive, the fiberglass simply bends under the pressure and spits the ball right back. You have to hit the ball extremely hard to put a serious crack in your fiberglass windows.

Fiberglass might not look as pretty or distinguished as your typical double paned windows. So if you’re planning on installing fiberglass windows, you might only install them where you’ll need them. In this case, the family would only install them on the front windows. They would only use fiberglass for the windows that are constantly exposed to all of the baseball playing. Since nobody plays baseball in your back yard and the side windows are protected by bushes and trees, as well as your fence, you really only need to replace the front windows with fiberglass.

windows-replacement-philadelphiaMost of the neighbors complain constantly about all of the baseball playing. Fortunately, the kids only take that as a provocation to continue with it. They see all the scolding from neighbors as a challenge to cause mischief. Nobody likes being told what you can and can’t do. So when you tell kids they can’t play baseball in your street that only provokes them to play more and longer. You actually enjoy this element and simply decide to take it all in and enjoy it while it lasts. You like the sound of children playing baseball outside. The sound of wood connecting to the ball while all of the kids shout out orders to the other kids to throw them the ball or toss it to so and so. It all reminds you of when you were a kid. So you install fiberglass windows so you don’t add to the problem and simply allow the kids to enjoy playing a great American sport.