Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia has warm summers and cooler spring and fall seasons, and cold winters. Because of Philadelphia’s climate, how efficient your windows are is very important to how big, or little, your energy bill will be. Cheap and inefficient windows will leak out heat during the winter, and let in too much heat when the sun is shining on hot summer days. This makes your air conditioner and heater run more often, using more electricity, and increasing your energy bill. Who enjoys paying extra money for their energy bill? Nobody, and replacing your windows is one of the best investments you can make in your house or business. Replacing windows cuts down on your energy bill, while simultaneously increasing your property value.

When your windows need to be replaced because of an accidental basketball shot or a particularly heavy snowstorm, you may be tempted into buying cheaper windows, after all, they are a better price, but these cheap windows keep your energy bill high. Buying more expensive, but more energy efficient windows will pay off in the long run because you are paying a lower energy bill each month, and keeping more of your own money. In the Philadelphia area, look for windows that have a few things in common. Look for triple-glazed window panes, high-solar-gain low-E glass, and Argon or Krypton gas in between the glass panes. Non-metallic frames are ideal, so look for Thermally Improved fiberglass or Thermally Improved vinyl. Aluminum frames transfer energy more easily, and give you a higher energy bill, but they may suit your budget or style better. Talk with your US Window Replacement pre-qualified window installer to discuss the ideal windows for your budget and needs.