Phoenix, AZ

Living in Phoenix means that you’re used to temperatures above 90 degrees for a large part of the year, and warm temperatures year round, with some cool temperatures in winter months. Because of the relative predictability of the Phoenix climate, you probably have a house that is designed to reflect heat and stay cool, but your windows may actually be doing the opposite. Cheap and old windows often let in a lot of heat, and this makes your air conditioning run longer and more often, and gives you a much higher energy bill. Switching to more energy efficient windows is a great investment in your house, and you’ll also recoup some of the costs through significantly lower energy bills.

There are a lot of excellent reasons for replacing your windows. Maybe a golf swing sent a golf ball into your living room window. Maybe a bird flew into the window and left a big crack. Maybe your son “forgot” to mention that a rock found its way into your window. Maybe you just want to save your hard earned money! Whatever the reason, replacing your windows is a very smart idea, and will pay itself off. Before you start looking for value priced windows, maybe you should consider a better, and a little more expensive, window. Great windows in Phoenix all have some things in common; double-glazed glass panes, low-solar-gain low-e glass, and Krypton or Argon gas in between the panes. Ideally, Thermally Improved vinyl or fiberglass is the best choice for energy retainment. Aluminum is a good alternative as well, and may fit better within your budget or house style. Consult with your local US Window Replacement pre-qualified window installer, and find the perfect window that fits your budget and unique needs.